Harper’s 2 Year Check-up

Sleeping in until 9:00am was glorious! The calm before the storm, I suppose. And now I have a day with no other obligations except to clean and relax with my girl, and then my grandmother’s 80th birthday dinner followed by a little shopping at BRU with the family. Sounds like a great day.

Yesterday was Harper’s 2 year check up. She got a Hep A booster, the flu mist, and routine blood test for anemia. I was concerned last time because she was low percentile for height and weight. This time she was 50% for height, and still 10% for weight, but the doctor likes those numbers. She always calls her lean cuisine, like her mama. Harper still has bad excema, so we have a treatment plan for that. As far as other milestones, she far surpasses all the expectations of a two year old, like knowing 50+ words and talking in 2-3 word sentences. She’s extremely smart, again like her mama! 😉 But even smarter. She can read! Just by memorization but words like: cat, dog, mommy, daddy, Harper, Max, puppy. 

And we will continue to work on potty training. It’s important to be consistent with that, and she took a few steps back with it while she was sick, and it’s also getting hard for me to squat down with her all throughout the day, especially if we are out and about. It would have been nice for her to be out of pull-ups before the baby, but it will happen when we are both ready. She still doesn’t come and tell me when she has to go, and that’s key as well. Sleeping on her own is the next thing.. she LOVES her own bed! Anytime we ask where she wants to sleep, she says “Harper’s bed.” She loves to play in her {new} toddler room, with her twin bed and all her stuffed animals. Anytime someone comes over, she gets them to follow her to her room, to show off. However, night time is a different story. She isn’t to the point of falling asleep on her own. The pediatrician recommended NOT ever laying down in her bed, to get her to sleep, or back to sleep. Obviously this is a challenge for us because that’s how it’s always been and it’s easier on her. Well, it’s not on us and will nearly be impossible once Max is here. Tough transition because we don’t want her to feel like the baby caused her routine to suddenly change, especially when we don’t know if he will come tomorrow or in like two weeks. And it’s also a toss-up, whether she will lay down, grab her animals, read a book, and go to sleep– or she fights, cries, and resists bedtime, until she falls asleep. Some nights she sleeps peacefully until 7 or 8 am, some nights until 3 or 4 am and then needs help falling back asleep. Can you say we are in desperate need of a routine?? Looking forward to working on those things. Once our family is complete, and Kyle has 3 weeks off, that will be helpful in consistency. 

Harper continues to amaze us with everything she says and does. A great age, where she understands what we’re saying, can communicate back, and even think of her own comments and questions. She’s so inquisitive and knows so much.
Her newest thing is to ask all day:

What are you doing? What are you eating?
Can I help you?
Where are the cats? What are they doing?
Do you want to play with me? 
What are you looking at? What are you typing?
Can we read this together?
And then anything else I ask, she repeats and asks me. 

Favorite activities: playing with stuffed animals (they each have a name)-rocking them, wrapping in blankets, etc; tea parties, her playhouse, coloring, finding the cats around the house, playing games on the phone or watching her shows on tv, playing outside, riding her tricycle, and most of all..daddy! 

Favorite foods: yogurt, bananas, pasta, green beans, mandarin oranges, cheese, and rolls. She hasn’t asked for hummus much since she’s been sick. Hoping to get back on more fruits and veggies, as a part of the new upcoming routine. 

Ready for baby? I’m not sure. She’s definitely excited, and knows where baby Max is and wants him to be ready to come out. She says yes he can stay here and they can play. We are going to rock him, and tell him it’s okay when he cries, and read him stories. She says she will hold him, but he can’t lay on her (like I showed her in some photo op ideas.) She says I can hold him, but does not like when I ask if Daddy can. She frowns and starts kicking her feet. Lol! I have expectations of getting good pictures and recording their first meeting, so hopefully that goes good and sweet! 


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